Skating sports entertainment

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Skating sports entertainment 
Third floor youth culture House, Grand inaugurated the artificial skating rink on 24/09/2010. 
Adds a type of sports for healthy entertainment industry in HCM City. 
Recently, young people eager to invite each other Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House to play slide with artistic skating simulation subjects often seen abroad ... 
And because computer simulations to bring the young do not slipped on ice that slid on the artificial ice made from special material in American technology, the cold air around 17oC. 
This model operates under the management of the art Ice Skating Club Skate on level 3 of the Youth Cultural House. 
Playing field "brand new" open from 8 am to 23 pm the night of all days of the week, 50,000 tickets per person. 
Starting as ... walker. The new members will have coaches guide 
"New club established on 24.09. Ought to have a time limit, but because this game is so new and difficult decision for the club you play relaxed," you Huynh Hoang Minh Thong, club manager told the . 
Each day, the club has more than 100 young people to play, longer on weekends that number up to 400 people. 
This is the game "brand new" high so difficult, both need to learn how to fall so that the most painful 
Minh Tam, second year students of Technical University City was performing my "rocket". Breeze center was reduced by 2 kg after 1 month slide art 
These young people new to the club on top should still be afraid, "Measuring the floor" 
The first time is always difficult 
An "artist" was performing the art of subjects from skating. The young blades slipped three good-will approach the arts subjects more easily slide 
Minh Tam is a collective action is difficult 
She prepares you to step into the accessories to play hockey (hockey), also at the club's Ice rink Skate. Want to play hockey requires the youth to be fluent in the previous slide 
Start over financial 
Prepare scoring 
Goalkeeper nervous wait for the striker rod region "fired" rubber ball in for subjects 
Balls in a freezing hockey game rubber rounded up 
The young people take more than a month familiar rink, fitness very often can hold a hockey stick 
Skating is a sport that had long been in Vietnam at Hoa Lake States, has been popular, but for some reason it has stopped funding activities. 
Currently skating has reappeared at the HCM City Youth Cultural. 
A subject entertainment regardless of gender, age, easy set just 2 hours and can move on the ice rink.

Skate 2

Graceful ao dai on the ice rink

Skating 3

skating rink the Youth Culture House.

Skating 4

Hockey players on the ice rink. Youth Culture House

Skating 5

Coach and guide for new members.

Skating 6

Place leisure time entertainment for students, at the Youth Culture House.