Party banquet buffet

Tin đăng của to-chuc-tiec vào ngày Chủ Nhật, 26/06/2011 - 12:36

Organization of Kingston hotel buffet.
The scene Organizations Buffet formal, polite, modern, serviced 60 customers on each topic, distributed food to suit each party context.
Equipment modern buffet Organization: sound, lighting, furniture and items should support a Buffet satisfactory, no errors.
Menu Organization abundant Buffet 365 traditional dishes of Vietnam, Europe, Asia is the famous chef experience creative process, winning the gold medal chef international talents.
Staff organization working Buffet at the hotel three stars are formally trained professional, kind, hospitable, quick to bring satisfaction to your guests.
Promotion Organization Buffet on the day and peak hours, which presents significant themed party.

Organization at the hotel Buffet Kington place to bring success to the cuisine of the Last Supper, bring satisfaction to customers, whether you are hard. A party the most memorable and perfect for your event.

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