Jumbo bag

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Jumbo-bag - Mua Ban Rao Vat Sieu Thi
Jumbo bag

Factory dedicated Jumbo bag - Branch Investment Corporation Minerals - North East Coal is one of the manufacturer of packaging Jumbo bag products in Vietnam today.The plant is invested line, modern equipment, advanced foreign countries with the capacity to reach 1.2 million Jumbo bag year, a team of professional staff work, the quality management process closely, the plant products and satisfy customers in quality, price and reliability.

The main task of the plant is to produce PP Jumbo bag special one ton of ore containingaluminum / pack, providing aluminum industry for the Coal Industry Group - Minerals of Vietnam in Dak Nong and Lam Dong.

In addition, plant also manufactures fabrics Jumbo bag PP, PP, PE high quality to meet the needs of these industries in the country and exported abroad.

Jumbo bag plant many kinds, skilled and professional design, production line of Jumbo bag modern technology along with years of manufacturing experience. Our Jumbo bag factory can meet the requirements of customers, products include:
-Production of Jumbo bag large for export: how bigbag, Jumbo, including container, woven geotextile great many kinds, many sizes from 200kg - 4.000kg ..., is used in the industry : agricultural products, foodstuffs, wood chips and mineral (coal powder, lime, cement, sand XK ....), chemical etc
- Especially with complete production lines to meet large orders Jumbo bag in the domestic and export, we also provide several pieces Jumbo bag for all the hard roll with competitive prices and absolute quality.
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Woven polypropylene bags or simply Jumbo bag packing is considered the most difficult, is widely used for packaging material for the milling industry, grain and sugar. In addition, Jumbo bag or PP also found wide application in industry animal feed, chemical and fertilizer industries, besides the cement industry and other applications such as sand, parts of metal and concrete.
We offer Jumbo bag custom design woven 100% polypropylene and woven polypropylene cover according to the specifications requested by customers.

Feature Highlights of Jumbo bag:
Flexible and durable
Print both side Jumbo bag belong to the customer's design
Design against water, dust
Woven and non-slip plane.
Jumbo bag Specifications :
Anti UV Protection: 200 to 1600 hours
Fiber thickness, Denier (thickness of woven polypropylene strands): 400
Width: 15 "- 33"
Jumbo bag Length: According to customer
Jumbo bag Color: According to customer
Jumbo bag Capacity: According to customer
Jumbo bag Printing: up to 4 colors on one or both sides
Jumbo bag Width: 15 "- 33"
Jumbo bag application:
How Jumbo bag and PP woven bags are the ideal choice for the packaging of the product:
Food grains
Cashew nuts
Animal feed
Barley, Rice
Solid chemicals